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Advantages of working with us

54253844The advantages of working with China Money:

1. Price. You will get a better price due to the partial Chinese VAT refund, and you can choose how you wish to receive your VAT portion: through a reduced contract price or bank transfer to the account you indicate.

2. The opportunity to optimize customs payments and profit tax payments. We will sign an international contract on your terms to optimize further customs clearance in the destination country (import VAT and duty) and provide support to optimize profit tax payments for the importer.

3. Reduced customs risks at export and import. If you have several suppliers, when you make your purchase through us you sign only one international contract with our company. You won’t need to sign a contract with each supplier.

This will save you time, and reduce the risk of undergoing a customs inspection when exporting goods from China (the fewer the senders, the lower the risk of being chosen for inspection). You will also avoid having to reach agreement with each supplier on the preparation of the packet of documents for customs clearance in the destination country, and there will be a lower chance of mistakes in the documents, as well as fewer total documents to present to the customs authority. Our experts will prepare the packet of documents for your customs authority in accordance with your requirements, and will revise it as many times as you need (it’s much more difficult to negotiate this kind of service with factories).

4.The export of goods carried out in strict accordance with Chinese law.

If your producer does not have export rights or you are sending a consolidated shipment (from several suppliers), we will organize export officially, in accordance with Chinese law. The use of incorrect export documentation, such as using the wrong CC FEA codes, for example, is also a big risk, and could lead to the confiscation of your goods by customs authorities. In the end result, it is also your risk, which is why you need to choose experienced partners who know what documents are needed and how to prepare them, and won’t let you down during the Chinese customs process. Many producers don’t have the expertise to choose the correct CC FEA code, and submit documents with a number of violations, because their business is the production of goods, not export. Many export companies, on the other hand, try to play with the codes, to clear shipments under CC FEA codes with a higher VAT refund rate. You won’t know anything about this if their game goes undetected, but you can imagine the result if inspectors find different goods in your containers than those listed in the declaration by the exporter.

There are companies that provide false documentation for goods to be exported, which could lead to a loss of the shipment. Our company guarantees export documentation in accordance with Chinese law, because we have a good reputation with the tax and customs authorities that we don’t want to lose, nor do we want to lose our company. (Various violations can land a company on a black list, which makes it virtually impossible for the company to function normally. Before you begin working with an organization, research your potential partner. There are companies with a small amount of charter capital who have nothing to lose; they will operate for as long as their customs schemes work, and shut down the first time a serious violation of customs legislation is uncovered.) 

5. Guaranteed financial and legal security for your business. We will not only increase the profitability of your work with China, but, just as importantly, do it in a legal manner. In addition, our proposed cooperation procedures are based on the principle of mutual trust (a necessary element of any business interaction), and built on a foundation of exceptional financial and legal security for both parties. Your business is protected, because:

-our company is a tax resident of China, and not an offshore company. It’s not necessarily a bad thing to do business with offshore companies; when used in a judicious manner, they can expand your business opportunities and increase profits. But you need to understand the associated risks, which include the potential difficulty or impossibility of getting answers to your requests. That’s why work with these companies is based more on personal trust, which has to be earned;

-our company has an office in Beijing, owned by the founder, which is another indication of the stability of our enterprise (we aren’t freelancers working in rented apartments). We have nothing against freelancers, and in fact, these are often talented and energetic individuals. However, when large sums of money are involved, it’s necessary to understand how each party will fulfill its assumed obligations, including its financial obligations;

-we will sign an official international contract affixed with a red seal from our side. The legal power of a correctly composed contract should not be underestimated;

Remember that when you pay in cash, your business moves from the legal sphere (even if you have a contract, since payment under the contract can’t be confirmed) to that of personal trust, and if you are dealing with an unscrupulous partner, it will be impossible to resolve issues of compensation, quality, delivery times, etc.;

-contract settlement is done electronically – you transfer payment to our company’s account at ICBC in Beijing. Many companies and freelancers today asked to be paid in cash, or through transfers to an offshore company’s account. (This should be a particular cause for concern if you are asked to do so by the manager of a factory. There have been cases where employees who had been fired from a factory received money from trusting clients to their personal accounts allegedly for goods, which were, of course, never shipped.)

-we don’t risk our clients’ shipments at customs or play with CC FEA codes to get additional benefits. We provide export documentation in strict accordance with customs requirements. When you work with us, your shipment is completely secure from customs risks;

-we are prepared to work under a letter of credit (bank guarantee), which is additional financial security for you. A letter of credit is a reliable way to protect your business.

6. The possibility of financial support. The possibility of increasing your turnover of goods and money through the implementation of leasing plans and loan services.

7. Legal protection for your business in China. Our experts prepare supply contracts with your suppliers in complete accordance with Chinese legislation and your requirements regarding quality, assortment of products, and delivery time. Chinese factories are more attentive and careful when working under these contracts, because any associated legal proceedings will take place under Chinese law. We are prepared to represent your legal interests in Chinese courts.

8. A responsible approach to our work, and original and individual solutions for your business in China. We guarantee the confidentiality of your information, the transparency and reliability of our procedures, and simplicity and convenience when partnering with us.